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Inception to Series A

Alpha* started as an idea on a napkin at the Blue Bottle cafe on Sansome and Bush Streets.

We were there.

FintechForce advised Alpha through its first year and MVP product. We designed its unsurpassed payment platform, secured banking partners, and led compliance. We expanded to provide CFO services and full-stack financial management by year 2.

In year 3 we support the fund raise, product launch, and team expansion to 20 team members. We’re part of the team, run financial operations and accounting, and Alpha is on its way to unicorn status.

* Client safety and confidentiality is our top priority.

Series A to Series C

Like many clients, Beta* experienced hypergrowth early. Its financial team, systems, and models were not prepared for massive growth.

We landed on a Monday with an elite team of accountants and analysts - and within 2 months FintechForce reconciled Beta’s books and built quality financial statements to grow and fundraise.

We now support Beta with an embedded team that provides full-service, outsourced Fintech financial management with a fractional team of 6 professionals at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire and build in house.

* Client safety and confidentiality is our top priority.

Hyper Growth Company

World-class investors demand world-class performance and operations.

When Gamma* faltered in a financial audit, the board called FintechForce. We provided CFO leadership and an experienced team to quickly get the finance and accounting functions back on track.

When Gamma passed their audit, the CEO decided we needed to stay. We now lead finance and have three fractional team members supporting the business.

The FintechForce team provides foundational expertise at all levels in the accounting organization to provide stability, safety, and expertise.

Gamma continues to lead its industry with innovation - and FintechForce continues to allow the executive team and board to sleep well at night.

* Client safety and confidentiality is our top priority.

What we do

We’re here to provide highly specialized leadership to your Fintech startup. Whatever challenges you’re facing today, we’ve dealt with them before. As embedded partners, we safely guide your unicorn to the financial success you envision.


A trustworthy, experienced, Fintech finance leader is as hard to find as a unicorn. Our CFOs and VPs of Finance define financial leadership in Fintech and fill that role as your business goes through scaling, fundraising, acquisitions and other critical milestones.

Accounting Operations and Corporate Accounting

We let you focus on teaching your unicorn to fly, while we take care of all back-office operations, including payroll and accounting.


Working in a tightly regulated space, Fintech startups have unique needs. We cover them all and believe that your compliance program is a strategic asset.


Specializing in Fintech, we know how to properly model and forecast your business growth. We make sure that everyone, including your partners and investors, understands what’s ahead.


The ever-changing tax code can be difficult to navigate for even the savviest of startups. Let us handle your business taxes to ensure you receive the maximum benefits, so you can allocate funds where they should really go: into your Fintech's growth.

Our vision

Changing the world through fintech startups.
We install financial management that accelerates growth and creates world-changing opportunities for your business.