Our vision

Fintech founders and their ventures are more successful with our bespoke, outstanding financial management.
We lead fintech startups in building a strong financial foundation that accelerates growth and creates world-changing opportunities.

Our Why

Fintech is here to empower the world. Fintech is disrupting the financial world like never before.

With so many fintech startups, there aren’t enough qualified finance and accounting professionals to meet the demand. So, many startups don’t have qualified people to do the job. In finance, that means trouble.
We believe every great fintech startup deserves hassle-free finance that only a great team can provide. We’re on a mission to help fintech change the world, one startup at a time.

We build financials you can count on.

At FintechForce, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. That’s why we tailor every solution to your particular needs. We’re not just there for a quick fix, we’re partners in your growth.
Fintech startups begin with a brilliant vision. We make sure your Finance & Accounting matches it. Whether you’re looking for help with financial operations, accounting, payments infrastructure, CFO services, or something completely unique, we have you covered.


After cutting his teeth in public finance with tech and financial services companies for 15 years, Josh eventually found home in the fintech ecosystem. His deep and wide experience was key to the success of such venture-backed juggernauts as Prosper Marketplace and Earnest.
Today, melding “fin” and “tech” into one, Josh is a Contract CFO at FintechForce.

Josh Hachadourian, COO

As a management consultant and contract CFO, Dan has spent the last 13 years helping entrepreneurs and investors to design, build, and scale their fintech start-ups. His aim is two-fold: create sustainable, high-growth businesses, and provide a better experience for consumers and overcharged SMBs.
Dan’s broad experience in payments, lending, financial management, reporting, and team development currently serve him as the CEO at FintechForce.

Dan Rogers, CEO