The financial leadership you need, and then some

We bring financial leadership, strategic finance and accounting expertise to tomorrow’s unicorns.

Financial Leadership

Avoid costly mistakes and detours with an embedded financial leader.

Every great startup needs experienced financial leadership. From blocking and tackling, to fundraising, mergers, and your IPO, our financial leader can be your guide, your strategist, and your liaison with investors.
Let us lead your Finance department. Short-term or long-term, contract, interim, or any way you see fit.

Strategic Finance

Next-level analysis and planning.

Modeling and forecasting is the language your investors and partners speak. Being fluent in analysis requires years of specialized experience.
That’s where we come in. We help you prepare financial statements, create a business case analysis, design and implement a compensation plan, conduct investor reporting, and much more.


Regulatory certainty and peace of mind.

Our experience means you’ll know exactly what’s needed and have a clear understanding of your regulatory compliance and reporting requirements.
It's hard to get compliance right during setup. It's even harder to keep up with shifting regulatory frameworks. We know the system in and out and can help you find your way through it.

Accounting Operations and Corporate Accounting

Accounting, accounts payable, payroll, revenue management, reconciliation, treasury management.

Our expert team helps to get your financial operations in order. Whether that’s accounts payable, monthly accounting and close processes, accounts receivable, payroll, or more, we have you covered.
We know how to build a successful Fintech startup because we’ve done it many times before. You’ll be a unicorn before you know it.


Federal returns, state returns, franchise tax, K-1s, expenses, credits, and more.

Government tax code is complex. The last thing your startup needs is a mistake in your tax filings, which can cost thousands or worse, shut down your business. By allowing our experts to manage this component in house, we can streamline all aspects of your financial well-being. You need us because your Fintech needs you.